Achieving desired aesthetics is an ongoing process!

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*Individual results may vary.

Time for me to get on my soapbox for a bit. You know those before and after photos you see where you think “wow- that’s an amazing result. I wonder what was done and how expensive that treatment was.” Wow results are achieved because, in the majority of cases, the person was ready & willing to invest in themselves. Going from normal to “wow” is a process- and requires multiple treatments under the care of a seasoned provider to reach those goals. Starting slowly and building gradually to reach our overall goal is a better way to achieve an aesthetic “wow”- as it allows you & your provider time to assess and re-assess your needs as the treatments progress.

In the same way, aesthetics isn’t a “one and done” process. For example (my women will appreciate this) we don’t just get our hair done and think, “phew- glad that’s the last time I’ll ever have to get highlights and a cut & style!” We understand the maintenance involved, and in most cases are more than willing to keep up with what’s required.

For patients who come to see me in their 20s, often we’re focusing on treating (or preventing) fine lines of expression with a neuromodulator (Botox/Dysport) and perhaps adding to a woman’s beauty by using a syringe of filler in the lips or to correct dark under-eye circles. Facials to hydrate the skin and gentle exfoliation (dermaplaning, microdermabrasion) are wonderful adjuncts for this age group. This is the ideal age to begin using medical grade skin care products- that nourish the skin and keep it in optimal condition to prevent and correct the first signs of aging.

When we reach our 30s, we need a bit more assistance in terms of volume- often our cheek volume is starting to lag and needs correction, in addition to the things we needed in our 20s. Perhaps another zone starts to require neuromodulator (crows feet in addition to forehead). IPL treatments to even out pigment & correct dark spots (from past sun worship) are important for this age group. More robust exfoliation with chemical peels are great to start during our 30s.

When we reach our 40s, our skin’s elasticity starts to diminish, and we need to consider treatments that will boost the amount of collagen in our skin to regain its tone. Adding microneedling and fractional, non-ablative laser to the regimen is valuable at this stage. We also need to keep up with our volume, and could need to add some additional filler to temples the chin & area around the mouth.

As we enter our 50s, all of these treatments are still important, but we need to begin using modalities of treatment that are “heavy hitters”-ablative lasers & more intense chemical peels to address skin texture and crepiness are perfect. It’s also the age at which it’s vital to focus on yearly volume maintenance with dermal filler and regular neurotoxin (with perhaps the addition of the neck, chin, and masseter zones).

60s and beyond we need to be maximizing all of the treatments we did in our previous decades of life, and it could be time to consider surgical correction of certain zones of facial laxity.

We’ve covered aspects of facial aesthetics, but we shouldn’t forget the body! As we age, most of us start to accumulate extra body fat in certain zones like the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, etc. Even when we’re diligent about diet and exercise, certain zones can be especially resistant to our efforts, and be a source of distress and frustration. We are proud to be able to offer our patients the gold standard in non-invasive permanent fat reduction: Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is a wonderful body sculpting modality that debulks and sculpts areas of excess fat, and is non-surgical, so there is no associated recovery and down time. We also offer our patients Smart (laser) liposuction that quickly and permanently reduces stubborn fat pockets. This is appropriate for the patient that wants to achieve their final result immediately and doesn’t mind a bit of downtime. These treatments can start as early as your 20s, and be performed well into later decades of life.

As you can see- much can be done to keep us looking our best as we tackle the aging process. And our approach is just that- a process that keeps growing and adapting to your unique needs as you age.