IV Infusion Therapy

Improved with Marshall Infusion Therapy.


Perfect for athletics, active lifestyles and anyone looking for the energy needed to power through a workout or a workday. Packed with antioxidants & electrolytes. Combats dehydration and sunburns, and helps improve athletic performance.

Maximize Energy


Full of Glutathione and Vitamin C. Perfect for detoxification against free radicals, impurities, and for rejuvenation of your skin and body.

Maximize Your Look


Enhances cell function to increase energy. Promotes optimal nervous system function to improve concentration and focus. Protects against free radical damage. Improves immune function.

Maximize Focus


Reduces recovery time from illness. Promotes optimal immune system function to prevent further illness. Helps the body recognize and respond properly to pathogens. Provides defense at the cellular level against bacterial and viral infections.

Maximize Healing


Proprietary blend of anti-oxidants, electrolytes and key nutrients. Help provide an overall balance of energy, focus, and mental/physical rejuvenation. For maximum cleanse and wellness, Saturated with Glutathione, B12, Vitamin C, nutrients and medications to help you look and feel your best.

Maximize You


The perfect “hangover cure”. Also ideal for helping expedite recovery from flu-like symptoms and allergies. Chalked full of nutrients and medications, this formula relieves pain, nausea and boosts energy.

Maximize Energy

Maximum Comfort Infusion Suite

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    Quick & Easy

    IV Infusions take less than an hour to administer. Vitamins and fluids are 100% absorbed, and the effects are immediate and long lasting.

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    A la Carte Service

    Enjoy any of our Al la Carte Medical or Aesthetics services while you hydrate.

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    Free WiFi & Personal TV

    Kick your feet up and surf the web, watch television, or listen to music during your infusion.

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    Parties Welcome!

    Party guests can enjoy drinks, amenities and a la carte services together.

Hydration to You

Our mobile Hydration Team is standing by, ready to deliver a boost of vitamin infused drips to you and your guests. Bring the power of Marshall Hydration to your home, hotel, or on-location at your next private social, or athletic event.

Schedule Mobile Hydration

Booster Injections

Vitamin B12

Energy & Focus

Increases energy levels, raise metabolism, increased focus, and promotes better overall moods. It is also essential for helping to form new, healthy cells throughout the body.

Slim Boost MIC12

Increased Metabolism

Slim Boost MIC12 key amino acids helps your body burn fat by boosting your metabolism, allowing your body to speed up fat consumption in a natural manner.

Super B Complex

Many Key Benefits

The role of B vitamins in the body is impressive as they are involved in metabolism, skin health, immune and nervous system functions, muscle tone and the prevention of anemia.

Vitamin C

Many Key Benefits

Vitamin C promotes healing, can aid in stress management, regenerate collagen and elastin in the skin, promote hair growth, sooth dry skin, and alleviate joint and muscle pain.


Fitness Enhancement & Recovery

CoQ10 will give you a power boost to tackle the toughest physical activity while also helping promote healthy recovery.


Anti-Inflammation & Pain Relief

Toradol is powerful anti-inflammatory booster that helps treat short term, moderate to severe pain by reducing your body’s inflammatory response.



This antioxidant naturally has many anti aging benefits. Since it is a natural detoxifier, it improves the health of the body’s cells to reverse aging.


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