Epithalon Peptide

According to scientific study based on animal test subjects, Epithalon has been shown to function with telomeres, which are areas of repeating DNA sequences that function to prevent gene degradation near the end of chromosomes.

Over time, telomeres become too small and weak to contain the sequence because of cell division, and the DNA becomes disrupted, which signals the start of the aging process.

Epithalon works to replenish the enzyme that allows telomeres to remain more stabilized and better equipped to hold DNA in place.

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Epithalon Peptides by Marshall

Benefits of Epithalon Peptides Therapy

Epithalon Peptides

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Hypothetical Benefits of Epithalon

  • The primary conceived benefit is its ability to slow down the aging process, since its capacity to allow telomeres to remain stable longer delays the disruption of DNA that causes aging to commence.
  • Its functionality has also led to the notion that it could help stave off several diseases and conditions that could be linked to age, such as stroke, heart disease, and a loss of mental function.
  • Additionally, it is perceived that Epithalon’s functionality could lead to increased levels of concentration and memory retention.

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