Feel Like You Again!

Do you have Low Testosterone, or
  • Increase in fat
  • Inability to lose unwanted fat
  • Poor libido
  • Decreased energy
  • Depression or moodiness
  • Inability to gain muscle mass

Get your number checked.

In 20 minutes, we can check your number and your symptoms and let you know if you’re a candidate for a personalized treatment plan.

If your test reveals that your T levels are below clinically ideal levels, our doctors will design a plan centered around your lifestyle.

Follow-up every 7-10 days to receive your testosterone booster injection. Each visit will take about 10 minutes and you will be on your way.

Treatment options to fit your lifestyle.

We have an array of highly effective treatment options based on your body’s specific needs, and your overall lifestyle goals. After discussing your specific needs as a patient , your doctor will help you choose the right treatment option for you.

Daily Creams or Gels

A tailored dose of cream or gel is applied daily and is absorbed through the skin.

Weekly Injections

Injections are performed weekly in office, or at home and deliver Testosterone directly to the bloodstream.

4 Month Pellets

Pellets are inserted under the skin and deliver a long, steady dose of Testosterone over a 4 month span.

Bring your A game

Regain your drive, your focus, your edge. Be the best man in the room, again!

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*Individual results may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Low T, or testosterone treatment is the practice of diagnosing a person with low levels of testosterone and treating with injections, gels, or surgically implanted pellets. Marshall Lifestyle Medicine offers creams, injection therapy, and pellet therapy to treat low testosterone in men.

Your doctor will perform a simple blood test, usually taking less than 20 minutes. If your testosterone level is not within the normal range, you may be a candidate for treatment.

Benefits of testosterone replacement therapy vary based on symptoms and other factors, but can include:

  • Increased ability to lose body fat
  • Improved libido
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Reduced depression or moodiness
  • Increased ability to gain muscle mass

Our concierge team of doctors takes pride in offering the most convenient, expert care in the region. Initial test results take around 20 minutes or less. For Injection treatment, patients will then return every 7-10 days to receive booster injections, with each visit taking 10-15 minutes.

In healthy men, testosterone levels between 350 ng/dL and 1,000 ng/dL are referred to as normal. Normal physiology allows you to keep testosterone in this range. The brain produces “signal” hormones that are responsible for stimulating testosterone production. These “signals” are periodically released, which in turn stimulates testosterone production. When levels of testosterone are in an acceptable range, the production of the “signal” hormones is slowed, which in turn allows the testosterone levels to decrease.

Only your physician can fully answer this question; however, in general, testosterone replacement therapy is not recommended and/or is prohibited for patients with:

  • Breast or prostate cancer
  • A palpable prostate nodule
  • Erythrocytosis
  • Hyperviscosity
  • Untreated obstructive sleep apnea
  • Severe benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms (AUA prostate symptom score > 19)
  • Uncontrolled severe heart failure
  • Unexplained PSA elevation
  • Severe lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Unstable severe congestive heart failure (class III or IV)

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