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Day 1

Welcome to my blog.  I am Dr. John Mullins, the co-founder of Marshall Lifestyle Medicine.  For 20 years, I practiced as an Emergency Room doctor and ran, along with my business partner and fellow doctor, James Foster, a very large and complex physician group that specialized in managing Emergency and Hospital Medicine programs.  We were good at what we did. Very good.  Over a 15-year period, we grew from a group of 2 to over 700 physicians, physician extenders and support staff.  I was successful.   My success did not come without consequences.  For, as you will read, life without balance, without a road map may yield objective success but not necessarily happiness and fulfillment.
My blog will focus on what I learned from those years in the trenches, working 100 hours/weeks – the good, the bad and the ugly.  I will also write about how those years have led me to where I am today and the practice we have started and hope to grow.  I hope to inspire others to look at their lives critically, to evaluate what brings them happiness, and to design a plan for the remainder of their lives.  You will notice that our tag line is “Your Life.  By Design.”  I have come to believe that life can be controlled to some degree and that the choices we make dictate most of our outcomes.  I believe that success does not happen by accident, that you generally do not luck into happiness.  I do believe that with clear goals, with a clear plan that is executed flawlessly, success, happiness and fulfillment is almost predetermined.
Our group is about helping others look and feel their best at any age.  It is about achieving and maintaining happiness at any age.  It is about slowing, suspending, or reversing the effects of aging.  We design programs to assist our patients achieve these goals.  I would be honored if you continue to read my posts and follow along as I tell my old story, how I decided to change the design and path of mine own life and how my experiences and passions have led me to be in the practice of anti-aging and longevity.