Concierge Medicine

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Your life. By design.

concierge medicineThe concept of concierge medicine has been around for the last 5-10 years. In basic terms, concierge medicine is the delivery of enhanced primary care services, including access to the doctor, for an additional out of pocket fee. When I set out to design Marshall Lifestyle Medicine, the word concierge services continually entered my mind. I love the way companies with concierge services make my life easier. When I call American Express, they take care of me. They make me feel important. They make my life easier. When I go to a nice hotel, the concierge staff help plan everything related to my trip. It makes my trip better, easier, more relaxing.

Marshall Lifestyle Medicine has integrated the principles of concierge service into our medical practice. We want our patients to feel important. We want to make their lives easier. As we expand out the concierge aspect of our Lifestyle Medicine practice we will be continually looking at ways to enhance our care. We currently use technology to connect our patients to their health team, wherever they are – virtually. We have a full-time concierge department to coordinate all lifestyle related activities. We are excited about reinventing the delivery of care and will continuously be challenging ourselves to deliver the highest in customer service. Stay tuned…..Marshall Concierge Medicine is coming.