New Year / New You

Ryan Betterman Optimal Living

This is the time of year that most people tend to reflect and look forward. While reflecting is good way to gain useful information about what we have done well, what we didn’t do as well, I would recommend not spending too much time looking backwards. As the new year approaches I would suggest thinking about the following – How can I feel my best? How can I look my best? How can I perform at my best?

Men and Women – This is your “to do” list for January:

  • New Year Health Assessment by Dr. Mullins or Dr. Foster
  • Lab studies to assess your hormones, your cholesterol, your kidney and liver function and important Vitamin levels
  • Skin Care Evaluation
  • Aesthetic Consultation – We believe in natural aesthetic treatments that turn back the clock and treat such common conditions as double chins, crow’s feet, frown lines, facial volume loss and treatment of problematic areas of unwanted fat accumulation with either Cool Sculpting or Smart Liposuction.
  • Review of important supplements
  • Optimal weight goal
  • Lifestyle Assessment treatment plan – Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Work/Home, Personal Growth and Development, Love / Intimacy, and Anxiety / Stress / Depression
  • Smoking Cessation Plan
  • Alcohol Moderation Plan
  • Development of an anti-aging program specifically for you

Let Marshall Lifestyle Medicine and its physician led Health Team develop a comprehensive plan for you for 2017. This accountability and results oriented approach will maximize your outcome. It is your Life. By Design.

Warmest regards and Happy New Year!

John Mullins, M.D.