A Boutique Gym Experience.


What We Do?

Marshall Lifestyle Medicine is committed to reimagining the way care is delivered. We are methodically fusing:

Healthcare • Fitness • Aesthetics • Spa and Self-Care • Lifestyle • Hospitality
into a cohesive whole

M Club Fit integrates life optimizing physician care with an expanded fitness approach which focuses on all aspects of Lifestyle Behavior Choices and the important role they play in our lives.

Common Problems or concerns that we treat:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Management
  • Weight Gain
  • Overall Health Improvement
  • Maximize Fitness / Maximize Potential
  • Golf Fitness
    • Titleist Performance Institute Training
    • Simulators
    • Flexibility
    • Personal Training
  • Competition Training
    • Muscle Growth
    • Agility & Speed
    • Body Fat Reduction
    • Sport Specific Excellence
  • Adolescent Sports Improvement
  • Recovery from Surgery /Accidents / Setbacks
  • Executive Optimal Health
  • Joint Pain Relief – PRP Therapy
  • Lifestyle Transformation – Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress, Self-Care

Our Gym

M Club Fit is much more than a gym; it is a boutique lifestyle center! Located adjacent to our Medical Office, Marshall Lifestyle Medicine, M Club Fit is all about community. We are attracting patients with common interests, goals, and lifestyle characteristics.

Objective • Results-oriented • Utilize standardized predictors of longevity and optimization

Gym Amenities:

  • State of the Art Fitness Equipment
  • Coffee Station
  • Supplement and Peptide Store
  • Food Programs
  • IV Drip Station
  • Full Shower supplies
  • Weekly events and challenges
  • Hourly caps on gym utilization
  • Membership caps