Male Hormone Quiz

The effects of low testosterone can be subtle. It’s easy to confuse signs of Low Testosterone with those of other illnesses or just aging in general. Not sure if you have Low T? Take our Quiz which contains symptoms commonly associated with Low T. Our short symptom survey will help you determine if you may be a candidate for Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

    I have noticed changes to my overall sense of well-being.
    I feel apathetic of indifferent to many things that once caused me great satisfaction.
    I somehow feel “off” but cannot put a finger on exactly what is causing the feeling.
    I have noticed that it is harder or impossible to lose mid-section fat.
    I have noticed that my athletic performance has diminished.
    I have noticed that I am no longer seeing positive changes in my physique when I exercise.
    Myself or others have noticed that I seem irritable, anxious, depressed or less joyful.
    I feel tired, weak, run down, less virile.
    I have noticed a sense of brain fog.
    I have noticed that I can no longer juggle as many tasks as before.
    I feel “old” or run down or that I have hit rock bottom.
    I have noticed that my libido has declined.
    I have noticed changes to my sex life in general.
    I have noticed fewer morning erections or had issues achieving or maintaining erections.
    I have noticed decreased sensitivity and delay in my ability to achieve orgasm.
    I have lost my mojo.
    I have noticed that my sleep quality has declined, or I cannot sleep at all.
    I have noticed that my fuse is short.
    I have noticed that I feel nervous for no reason.
    I have noticed changes in my skin, hair, muscle tone, body composition.


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