A Boutique Gym Experience.


Medical Fitness

Introducing the new Medical Fitness Program offered exclusively through MLM and MCF.

A one of a kind program! This program is unlike any other medical weight loss program. Never has there been such a synergy between physicians and fitness professionals. The integrative program allows for constant communication between all members of the program to maximize the success of our patients.

  • Personalized Physician Care
  • Personalized Weight Loss Medications
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) 
  • Sleep and Stress management
  • Sleep Studies and management
  • Optimal health supplements
  • Weight loss peptides • Joint Pain Relief
  • 24/7 primary care and physician support
  • Monthly office visits to monitor progress and adjust medications
  • Coordination of progress
  • Monthly interdisciplinary meetings
  • Membership
  • Accountability
  • Lifestyle Behavior Change
  • Macro and Calorie Specific and Food Sensitivity Meal Planning
  • Personalize Workout Planning
  • Personal Training
  • Goal Setting
  • Open Gym Membership
  • Accountability

Adipex • Saxenda• Contrave• MicUltraBurn• MIC 12 CJC 1295/IPA• AOD 9604 • Slim Extreme • Semaglutide•Tirzepatide• Hormone Replacement Therapy• Thyroid Management• IV Infusion Therapy• Protein Powders•Amino Acids BCAA Powder•Supplements