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Physician Assisted Weight Loss (PAWL)

80% of our healthcare dollars are spent on the management of chronic disease most of which can be mitigated when patients achieve and maintain an optimal body weight.

The last 12 months has been a case study for the critical role that healthy patterns, structure, predictability, balance and mental resilience play in our overall health. The Average weight gain for men and women during the last 12 months is astounding:

Men – 39 pounds Women – 22 pounds

Marshall Is committed to helping men, women and young adults redevelop healthy patterns, structure, and balance. We offer an array of weight loss medications, peptides, and injectables that are personalized for each patient’s unique needs.

Adipex • Saxenda• Contrave• MicUltraBurn• MIC 12 CJC 1295/IPA• AOD 9604 • Slim Extreme • Semaglutide•Tirzepatide• Hormone Replacement Therapy• Thyroid Management• IV Infusion Therapy• Protein Powders•Amino Acids BCAA Powder•Supplements 


2-month | $400

4-month | $800

6-month | $1200

12-month | $2300