Are you noticing the effects of aging?

In the way you look, the way you feel or in the way you perform? Marshall will develop a plan to meet your personalized needs. Aging is inevitable. It is the one common bond we all share. It takes each of us down a different path. We believe you can manage your own path by having access the best in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. By assembling a team that addresses all aspects of the aging process under one roof, the patient experience is unparalleled and the ability to fully realize the natural healing power of the human body is exemplary. Our five-star service is the new standard of care in the world of life enhancing medicine. Start your journey down a new path with Marshall Lifestyle Medicine.

Program Includes:
  • Baseline Risk Assessment, Hormone Evaluation, Lifestyle Evaluation, Lab Review, and Aesthetic Consultation
  • Development of a comprehensive 12-month Age Management / Optimal Living Health Plan
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Physician Assisted Weight Management Plan
  • Regular appointments with physician, physician assistant, membership coordinator, care coordinator, and aesthetic coordinator
  • Access to the Marshall Health Team 24 / 7 / 365
  • Travel Medicine Planning
  • Quarterly Lab review and 1 yearly comprehensive lab review
  • Yearly reassessments and new 12-month plan
  • Yearly EKG
  • Referral for routine mammograms, sleep studies, colonoscopies, PAP smears, Bone Density Scans and Stress Tests
  • Quick, Hassle free referrals to the area’s Best Doctors, Counselors and Life Coaches
  • Concierge Telemedicine Urgent Primary Care – 24 / 7
  • Concierge Med Phone access for ease of refills – 24 / 7
Facial (first treatment)50% offSave $50
IPL (first treatment)50% offSave $200
Vitamin Infusion (first treatment)50% offSave $100
1 Free area of Botox or Dysport yearlySave $100/Year
Monthly SkinCare Vantage Program10% offSave $135/Year
PRP Hair Restoration Program10% offSave $420
Vitalia Vaginal Tightening Procedure10% offSave $360
Restylane and Juvederm10% offSave $75/Syringe
PRP P Shot or O Shot yearly10% offSave $120
CoolSculpting Cycles10% offSave $75/Cycle
Weekly Vitamin Injections10% offSave $225/Year
All Supplements, Skincare Products, Peptides 10% off
HCG Diet25% offSave $125
Open House Discounts5% additional off
Virtual Urgent Care VisitsFreePriceless
MEMBERSHIP FEE $3,000 / Year