Skin Analysis: How it Benefits You

A Customized Skin Care Plan Starts Here!

If you want healthy, youthful, glowing skin it’s not enough to get a facial once in a while and hope for the best. At Marshall, we offer VISIA Skin Analysis to each of our clients so that we can properly assess overall skin health and set realistic, measurable goals. Our aestheticians utilize VISIA to give you the most effective, safe, and long-lasting skin care treatment plan. 

The more we know about your unique skin, the more successfully we can treat it. Following a customized skincare routine is the best thing you can do to be proactive about the health and youthfulness of your skin. 

What is VISIA Skin Analysis? 

VISIA skin analysis is innovative digital technology that provides a comprehensive overview of the quality and health of your skin. VISIA allows us to see and evaluate things that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Dr. Mullins refers to the results as your skin’s “vital signs” and therefore the best place to start your skin care treatment plan. 

By using advanced imaging, VISIA analyzes key elements of your skin:

  • Wrinkles—Yes, you can see your wrinkles in the mirror, but do you know how your wrinkles compare with other people your age? VISIA provides us with the “age” of your skin, which helps us make good decisions for your skin as you grow older. 
  • Pores—Enlarged pores can lead to acne and other skin issues. Knowing how yours measure up allows us to focus on pore-minimizing treatments if needed.
  • Tone & Color—VISIA detects skin graduations in color and texture and can also identify acne, freckles, hyper-pigmentation, spots, and rosacea
  • Bacteria—If too much bad bacteria is detected on your skin, it can lead to clogged pores and acne. 
  • Sun Damage—UV damage usually isn’t visible after your sunburn fades. However, spots and blemishes are key indicators of the overall health of your skin. 

What to expect from your VISIA Skin Analysis

To accurately detect the presence of skin imperfections, this is how VISIA works:

  1. You’ll stand in front of the imaging machine as it rotates around your face to capture images of the left, right, and front. Your skin must be clean and free of make-up in order for it to be effective. 
  2. Innovative lighting technologies capture skin conditions on the surface and below surface level. This creates a detailed map of your skin’s vital signs. 
  3. After the image is created, an aesthetician will analyze it for each of the elements mentioned above. 

Life-Long Healthy Skin

That’s the goal, right? Based on your VISIA profile, your skincare treatment plan will be personalized and include recommendations for future procedures and home care

Interested in really seeing your skin for the first time and what lies beneath the surface? VISIA Skin Analysis is a complimentary service included with all of our skincare treatments. To make an appointment today, visit or call (859) 554-8486.

VISIA Skin Analysis




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