Lifestyle Medicine

Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men and Women

Dr. Mullins and his team have performed 1000’s of pellet procedures. The procedure, when done correctly, has many advantages for both men and women. Men and women alike regain their libido, their mojo, their energy. Men and Women begin to sleep better, have less mental fog, have fewer depressive symptoms, and notice changes in their skin, muscle tone, fat deposits, and their hair. Marshall performs more pellet procedures than any other medical clinic in central Kentucky.

  • Pellets are free of peaks and troughs – Hormones are released at a near constant rate, mimicking the physiology of your younger years.
  • Pellets respond to your lifestyle – Hormones are released more readily during periods of exercise or stress – when your body needs it most.
  • Pellet insertions are relatively simple procedures with only rare complications, when performed by a competent healthcare provider. All providers at MLM have completed a rigorous training program overseen by Dr. Mullins. 
  • Pellets are convenient – The effects of pellet therapy last upwards of 3-4 months, allowing for more free time for work, travel, family, and entertainment.