Say goodbye to your old way of thinking about healthcare. Conventional medicine is reactionary – waiting till you are ill, ordering countless tests, prescribing medications for every complaint and then waiting till the next time you are ill. Even the aesthetic industry is reactive in nature. I am committed to helping you look, feel and perform your best – at any age! I hope you find our fresh approach to natural aesthetics, hormone health, weight management, sexual vitality and regenerative medicine unique and satisfying.

I truly believe that the future of healthcare is one that focuses on consumerism – a patient-first approach! I am committed to providing cutting edge care in the region’s most comprehensive anti-aging and optimal living facility – right here in Lexington! Before opening Marshall Lifestyle Medicine, I traveled around the country looking for a template for providing concierge service and comprehensive care in an upscale environment and was shocked to find that the model simply didn’t exist.

By no means have I perfected this model, the cumulative amount of knowledge in the anti-aging medical community doubles every 3 months. I do promise to relentlessly push the envelope, to passionately pursue innovation, to professionally provide high quality care and I submit to you my commitment to strive towards continuous incremental improvement in all areas of Lifestyle Healthcare.

Welcome to my practice! Thank you for trusting me with your care. Together we can overcome any barriers that might exist to you becoming the best version of yourself.


John Marshall Mullins, MD

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